Track Riding (Minimum age 6)


Our flat track riding offers something for everyone from 6 year old first timers to seasoned quad bike addicts looking for a quick fix.

In dry conditions we use our main track which is always super flat and super fast giving you the best experience around.  Even when it's really hot and dusty we water the track up to twice a day when busy to keep the dust at bay.

If you want come Quad Biking during and after heavy rain (Which is often the best time to come!), we sometimes use our alternative track which can be really muddy and slippery offering you a very different experience!

So whatever the weather or the time of year, you're sure for a great experience!

We have 4 sizes of bike running on the tracks (50/90/125 and 150cc) allowing everyone from age 6 to participate. The tracks are suitable for all levels of rider.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Minimum age is 6
  • If you have never ridden a Quad before, Track Riding is the place to start!
  • All Track Quads are fully automatic allowing to concentrate on riding rather than shifting gear
  • No need to book, simply Arrive and Drive
  • Protective gear included consisting of helmets and footwear
  • We make a small charge for waterproof clothing when it requires cleaning
  • Children's Birthday parties a speciality (See our Birthday rates)
  • We use the best Suzuki 50, 90cc, Yamaha 125cc and Kymco 150cc Quads

Over 12KM of groomed routes encompassing some of the best terrain you are likely to find in the UK. Why don’t you come and see for yourself why our Trail Riding blows the competition away


Our flat tracks are the largest around and give everyone from age 6 upwards all the space and freedom they need to get to grips with Quad Biking


The full quad experience. A progressive activity starting with a flat track session on an Automatic bike to get some feel for Quad Biking followed by an exhilarating Trail ride

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